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 How to Pk In Devine Fury (:

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PostSubject: How to Pk In Devine Fury (:    Wed Aug 04, 2010 5:14 am



Tired of being owned?
Wanna be the best pker in Divine Fury?
Well this is the GUIDE FOR YOU! Very Happy

First off

Lets go ahead and get down the basics

Pking(Player killing.) Is the fine art of killing people Very Happy
You can Melee,Range,or Mage some one

First you need to decide what style will you use..

In this guide ill describe the best way to pk using all 3 styles serperarately and together Smile

SO. lets begin Razz

First off,in my opinion melee is the best style in my opinion
In this section ill explain how to effectively use the following...
All 4 godswords,whip,d scim,dds,granite maul,and d long and necessary

Helm - Helm of Neitznot/Void Melee Helm/Berseker Helm(For zerks)/Initiate Helm(for pures)
Torso - Fighter Torso/Void top/Rune platebody/Initiate Platebody(For pures)
Legs - Veracs Skirt/Torags legs/dharoks legs/Void Robe bottom/rune platelegs/initiate platelegs(for pures)
Boots - Rune boots/Dragon boots/Climbing boots(for pures)
Gloves - Barrows gloves/void gloves/rune gloves/adamant gloves(for pures)
Amulet - Strength Amulet/Amulet of Glory
Shield - Rune defender/Rune kiteshield/dragon fire shield(Protects over whip)/Dragon square(protects over whip)/Iron kitesheild(for pures)

--------------Ideal prayers-------------
Piety,Smite(lowers theyre prayer depending on what you hit) and Protect 1 item

Basic inventory is Super strength attack and defence(Or normal) 2 super restores(or prayer pots) and your secondary weapon much more explained in Weapons section
Also if you dont expect to do a dm (death match) i'd bring a tele tab for a quick tele out if your about to die
They are bought from all general stores 86k each
Just click and ur outta there

-----------Weapons and how to effectively use in Pk[Melee]-----------------

Armadyl Godsword - This weapon having the strongest special attack of the godswords will not need a secondary weapon such as a dds or dragon halberd
Just Have your inventory set up with a Super or Normal Strength attack and defence potion and with an Ags being at such a high risk of loss because of smiters bring 5 super restores or prayer potions
Once your opponent is at one hp use your special attack once...if Ko is unsuccesful dont worry keep fighting watching your prayer and drinking super restores when needed
it is always best to eat your food around 45-50 hp left.
When pking with an armadyl godsword your going to want to pray with piety or the best stat boosting prayers you can use and if skulled use protect 1 item to keep your armadyl godsword upon dieing.
Gl with your ags ;D

Saradomin godsword - This not being a Ko weapon can still be used by itself
Inventory will be set up the same as the armadyl godsword with the same exact tactic but! if your struggling not to die use your special attack which will heal you and restore prayer
If you want to use a secondary weapon use a granite maul for it Ko'ing special attack
Once opponent is low Switch to granite maul(see granite maul section for faster specing techniques) and click the special attack bar rapidly hoping for a Ko
Gl with your sgs ;D

Bandos godsword - This not being a Ko weapon either can also be used by itself
inventory will be set up the same as the armadyl godsword with the same exact tactic but! this spec lowers your opponents defence based on what you hit
Hit a 53 with spec
Lower opp. def. by 53
Making much easier to Ko some1
Watch your prayer and your Hp
Gl with your bgs ;D

Zamorak Godsword - This is the worst godsword to pk with Refer to armadyl godsword for basic tactics but if your going to
You will want to use a secondary weapon such as a granite maul(see granite maul section for faster specing techniques)
This special attack freezes your opponent if succesful
So the special attack is only good if your losing the fight
Spec your opponent make space in between both of you and tele out if you have to
Gl with your zgs ;D

Whip - This is probably the best weapon to pk with if your using a dragonfire shield

Dfs Tactic - here youll inventory will be set up just like the armadyl godsword but only bring 2 super restores and a dragon dagger
Attack ur opponent praying piety and protect 1 item if skulled and if your opponent gets low hp go to your eqipped items right click your Dfs and press operate therefor making the dfs blowing fire and hopefully koing

Dds Tactic - this can be used with or without a dfs
Get your opponent low hp and switch to dds specing once or twice
Do not spec all 4 times u will waste spec and maybe not ko

Dds/Dfs Tactic - Get your opponent to low hp - Use Dfs spec then to dds and special attack with that
How to combo with these best will be explained in the combo/rushing section.


Dragon Scimitar - This is basically the same thing as the whip
So read the Whip guide and replace the whip with a d scim Smile (sorry im so lazy)

Dragon Long - This is also the same as whip but you do not need a secondary weapon if you dont want because the dragon long sword special attack has a strong hit.

Dragon Dagger - This is a secondary weapon
Best placed in you inventory over the spec bar as if it was in your inventory
the best way to switch fast is..
Right click your dragon dagger...then press F1 itll take you to the spec attack bar...get your opponent low click wield and your already to spec...start specing once or twice...Good luck ;D

Granite Maul - This is the same tactic with dragon dagger but can be used as a primary weapon but when you spec with this make sure you know your gonna ko and press the spec bar rapidly
make sure you have 2 invy spots free for the maul

Ranged can be a great tactic if you have good bolts to use
Ill explain how to effectively use Dragon bolts e and Diamond bolts e
rune arrows dragon arrows Magic shortbow runecross bow karils bow and dark bow

---------Ideal Prayers------------
hawk eye,steel skin,Smite,and protect 1 item

Here you will want a Ranged potion Super or regular defence potion 2 super restores or prayer potions a full inventory of mantas unless using darkbow then 3 empty spaces for it

-----------Weapons and how to effectively use in Pk[Ranged]-----------------

Helm - Archers Helm/Void Ranger helm/Leather coif(for pures)
Torso - Black D hide body/Void Top/Leather body(for pures)
Legs - Black D hide chaps/Void robe bottom/rune platelegs/Black d hide chaps(for pures)
Boots - Snakeskin boots/Climbing Boots
Gloves - Barrows Gloves/Void gloves/black d hide vambraces(for pures)
Amulet - Glory Amulet
Shield - Rune Kiteshield/Unholy book/Dragon fire shield/Rune defender/Iron kiteshield(for pures)
Bolt slot - Whatever bolt that goes with the corresponding weapon
*Cape - Avas accumulator

Rune Crossbow - This is the best ranged weapon to pk with

Dragon bolts e - Normally here you will not need a secondary weapon i have personally maxed out a 71 with these so just range on and hope for the best watch your prayer and hp

Diamond Bolts e - here you will need a secondary weapon these hit through defence but not high....best thing to use is a darkbow or a dragon dagger
Ill explain how to switch best with dark bow in dark bow section

Magic Shortbow - This is the second best ranged weapon to pk with....You can even ko with it...use rune arrows as your ammo once you opponent is low hp use the special attack and hope for a ko
you can also switch to a dark bow to ko with which can be explained in its section

Karils Bow - This bow being fast and strong is one of the best to use with a darkbow as your secondary weapon

Darkbow - This is a slow weapon so do not use as a primary weapon
The best tactic is to have the bow,dragon arrows,and a free spot over the spec bar as if it was in the invy
when the opponent is at low hp click your bow and arrow and press f1 then special attack once
Good luck ;D

This being not effective by itself i do not recommend just using magic though
It is best used with another skill here ill show you best to use ancient and normal spell book

Helm - Mystic Hat/Void Mage helm/Ghostly helm(for pures)
Torso - Mystic Top/Void Top/Ghostly Robe top(for pures)
Legs - Mystic Bottom/Void robe bottomg/Ghostly Robe bottom(for pures)
Boots - Mystic Boots/Mystic Boots/Ghostly Boots(for pures)
Gloves - Barrows Gloves/Void Gloves/Ghostly Gloves
Amulet - Amulet of Glory
Shield - Mages Book/Unholy Book/Rune kiteshield/Iron Kiteshield
*Cape - God cape from mage arena

-------------Ideal Prayers-------------
Idk the exact name since im ipd but do the prayer red pyramid prayer,Smite,and protect item prayer

There isnt a magic potion So just a Super or regular defence potion 3 super restores and full inventory of mantas

Ancient Spellbook - if your using just mage i prefer an ancient staff
200 blood runes 400 death runes 600 water runes
Select spells then press ice barrage and mage away its best to farcast so your not attacked

Normal Spellbook - Only use this for teleport block
best to bring 10 law chaos and death runes and cast the spell over and over til blocked and continue to fight with another style

Hybriding if thats even a real word is the fine are of using not 1 but 2 or 3 styles at a time to kill a player
The most common is Magic and Melee

The best thing to do here is wear your melee gear and have Mystic Robe top and Bottom in the 3rd and 4th spot of your inventory
Have Super Strength Attack and Defence,Super restore or Prayer potion in the 1st 2nd 5th and 6th inventory spot so they make a box
Have your runes for teleblock(Chaos,Death,and Law) OR
Have your runes for barrage(Death,Blood,and Water)
In the 7th 8th and 12th spot of your inventory so they make an upside down L
and Your dragon dagger or any other secondary weapon over the spec bar as if it was in your inventory
and use the f1 tactic explained in the weapons section

**Normal Spellbook
Teleport into bounge with your mystic on and about 10 of each teleblock runes
Teleblock whoever you plan to fight over and over until in your chat box says
"This player has already been affected by this spell"
Continue to fight
Good luck Very Happy

**Ancient Spellbook
Teleport into bounge with your melee gear on and inventory set up explained above
Start to attack some1 and as you get them low hp switch to your mystic barrage them step away and farcast once or twice
(So you are pj'd[Playerjumped][Explained below) then pull out your Dragon dagger and spec once return to fighting with melee and repeat
Feel free to use other tactics but beware
If your farcast(freeze where they cant attack you from a couple blocks away) you can and most likely will get pjd so be careful to only farcast once or twice unless bounge is empty farcast all you want XD

Here you will only be using barrage
The best tactic here is to set up your inventory the same as above but have an ancient staff since your wearing ranged gear
its best to barrage your opponent step away and start to range them
But beware of pjers
it is also best if your secondary is a dark bow to barrage then spec with your dark bow
Here it is preferred to use a magic or karils bow since both are fast and effective

This i dont recommend unless you have an Ags or a Granite maul

Get your opponent low with either a mage short bow karils bow or rune crossbow with dragon bolts
once they are use the f1 tactic and special attack your opponent once
If not successful
Keep fighting and try again

**Granite Maul
Same as the Ags but you only have one chance to ko here
Get them to low hp use the f1 tactic to switch to the granite maul and press the spec bar rapidly

Good Luck ;D

This is best used again with a Granite maul dds or Ags
The best tactic here is to just wear
Helm of neitznot
Mystic top
Mystic bottom
Climbing boots
amulet of glory
barrows gloves
magic shortbow rune arrows
and avas accumulator

Barrage ur opponent range them to low hp and special attack them while theyre struggling

This is the most fun to use but you have to be fast and know what your doing

Good luck Very Happy

----------------------High Risking-------------------------
This is for only experienced players who are not afraid to lose theyre items
Ill explain here how to combo with high risk items

---------Dharoks/whip combo--------------
This is commonly used in runescape still
Heres whats best to wear
Dharoks Helm
Dharoks Platebody
Dharoks Platelegs
Dharoks Great Axe
Dragon boots
Berseker Ring
Amulet of Fury/Strength
Dragon Fire shield-------------OR ags.
Fire Cape

here you will want super strength attack and defence 5 super restores for smiters and you need a secondary but if you do take on take an ags or granite maul and use the f1 tactic then switch to your great axe

--------Ideal Prayers-----------
Protect 1 item Smite and Piety

Now your going to want to start off with your Dharoks axe in first invy slot pots following
Attack your opponent and use dragon fire spec often
if you get to low hp and your struggling pull out your dharoks axe and hope for a ko
If you use just the dharoks axe dont safe (Eating to full)
because the more ur dieing the better dharoks hits

If your going to use an Ags
Get your opponent low hp
Special attack using the f1 tactic and switch to dharoks axe
You have 2 chances for a great ko
and dharoks has all kinds of chances to ko

------------Veracs/Whip Combo/Ags Combo----------------
This is not as common as it was in rs is still efective
Heres whats best to wear
Veracs Helm
Veracs Brassard
Veracs Plateskirt
Veracs Flail
Dragon boots
Berseker Ring
Amulet of Fury/Strength
Dragon Fire shield-------------OR ags.
Fire Cape

Now If your using whip and dragon fire shield
There isnt a real ko besides the dfs spec or a dds if you decide to use which is a good idea
the only good thing about this is youll be hitting hard and owning so most likely theyll pray protect melee dont worry just pull out your flail it hits right through prayer Smile

Now if your using an ags use your flail the whole time because it hits through armour and defence also
get them low and use the f1 tactic to spec once with your ags
Most likely youll ko first try

Happy High Risking Very Happy

Rushing is the fine art of Hybriding and special attacking some1 hoping for a quick easy ko

***High Risk Rushing
The best here to use is Mage and Melee
The gear you will want is
Helm of Neitznot
Ahrims robe top
Ahrims robe bottom
Dragon/wizard/climbing boots
amulet of fury/glory
berserker/warrior/seers ring
Armadyl godsword
saradomin/fire cape

Here you will want to have super strenght attack and defence 9 super restores barrage runes and food
why 9?
If your teleblocked you have alot of protection on your run back to varrock

its best to pot up before teleing to bounge
tele in but as your teleing
Click ice barrage and press f1
Have your special attack already clicked and ready
Its best that you attack a melee because melee armour has bad mage def bonus
pray piety protect one item and smite
Barrage then attack them fast
and spec both times
if unsuccessful teleport out
wait for spec or die at jad or duel arena
and try again What a Face What a Face What a Face What a Face What a Face What a Face What a Face
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PostSubject: Re: How to Pk In Devine Fury (:    Wed Aug 04, 2010 12:32 pm

Bandos godsword - This not being a Ko weapon either can also be used by itself
inventory will be set up the same as the armadyl godsword with the same exact tactic but! this spec lowers your opponents defence based on what you hit

fix this..it can be used a ko weapom.
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How to Pk In Devine Fury (:
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